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I guess that the purpose of this blog is to exist as a way to relay my inner thoughts and ideas. Maybe that’s why blogs are so popular, because so many people believe that they have great ideas, or maybe it’s just a way to relieve boredom. In my case, I guess that it’s a little bit of both. As of January 11, 2011 I have decided to maintain an actual blog and record my thoughts and my travels. Also, it can serve as a personal collection of my past journal entries and reflections on them. Even if no one reads my blog, I believe that it is a way to put my thoughts down somewhere tangible, and let them lie there for anyone or no one to see. Up to this point I have discussed many things with my friends, and also written many things
down in journals, diaries, letters, and facebook messages. I am also studying abroad in Dresden, Germany from February 6 – July 11, and I would like to keep a travel blog for my friends back home. In essence, it will be my personal journal that I will use to share my insight, regardless of how insightful it may actually be.  If you’re wondering what was the tipping point that finally urged me to start a blog, I guess that it was this tumblr page that I literally stumbled upon when I typed in, “i feel infinite” into the google search bar.

We Are Invincible

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