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Bucket Lists

I thought about my bucket lists before I turned twenty. Actually, I thought about them while I was running outside in my neighborhood last summer 2010. I was going through my quarter-life crisis, and I decided that I actually needed to focus and write down my life aspirations and see what I have already accomplished, and what can be accomplished by the end of the year, the end of college, before I go to the Peace Corps, and before I turn 30.



~Beach and camping with ancients

~Haiti and Jamaica

~MDA, JAW, High-LI

~A cappella group

~Work on basement

~Learn how to cook

~Start a blog

~Read Catcher in the Rye

~Go Skinny Dipping

~Get a try in a Rugby Game

~Join a sports team in a different country (Europe)

~Get into a fight (Budapest)

~Go abroad to Guadalajara Dresden, Germany

~Learn a back tuck

~Nonviolently stop a fight

~Nonviolently stop a fight a second time

~Become accepted to intern in a foreign country (Berlin for the Summer 2012 DAAD RISE Program)

~Hold a leadership position in my a cappella group

Doable in a day/Keep up-to-date:

~Organize and update iTunes

~Write something down in my blog

~Watch more movies like the academy award nominated ones

~Read a good book or article

~Clean the apartment

~Update Resumé

~Learn a new word processing language

~Throw successful college parties

~Brew own beer

Before going to the Peace Corps/YWAM:

~Go to Honduras/Cancun/Florida/Bike to Ocean City with Ancients

~Start a social justice program at Boston University

~Play either piano or guitar

~Do another martial art


~Sing the National Anthem at a sports event

~Ossining Maine Sunset

~Flat abs

~Bike to Ocean City then Florida

~Learn a roundoff back handspring back tuck

Before 15 years:

~Backpack across Europe with Sara Secada-Lovio, Tyler Hynsons, and Sean Comber

~Buy beachhouse with Ancients at Ocean City

~Learn French, Spanish, and German fluently, then work on Tagalog

~Climb a mountain (like Katahdin with its Knife Edge)

~Base Jump at the Cave of Swallows

~Learn wilderness survival

~Master a martial art (arnis/eskrima, or krav maga)

~Complete a marathon

~Bike across the U.S. with Ancients

Life Goals:

~Nobel Peace Prize

~Write a book about my life experiences

~Start a family

~Save the world

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